I’d hate to be a young person these days

Over recent years it has been clear to me that the free love movement post-sixties is now completely dead. There were many aspects of the movement which were not nice and caring, and the drive was part of the whole programme to deconstruct society, along with family breakdown and the installation of State over the individual. This appears to be an end-point of the battle. We are now afraid of ourselves when it comes to propagation.

Men being erased

Men being erased

As a young man, why put yourself at risk of abuse or collecting court records just for a shag? Girl power intimidated men by presenting themselves as stronger than men and they can have it ALL! “Are you tough enough?” could have been the the broadcast challenge. Sod that, I want to be with a woman I can share with, not be challenged by… Blow one against men. (They’re all rapists anyway.)

One of the more alarming developments in recent times is the appearance of the “rape culture” narrative. Hyperbole is hyperbolic on this one:

…the “rape culture” hysteria on college campuses, a claim that asserts that fully 25% of women will be victims of sexual assault while in college.

A number of critics have dissected the flawed methodology on which this astronomical number is based, and noted that if true, it would mean that American college campuses are as, if not more dangerous than cultures that truly turn a blind eye to rape, such as Afghanistan or the Congo, where 48 women are raped every hour.

This quote from a great article by Michael Aaron “Laura Kipnis, Rape Culture, and the Disappearance of Sex”. Young men are now scared of sex and the overwhelming presence of threat to body and mind:

The camera crew wanted me to identify some reasons why I thought Millennials might be choosing to have less sex. I immediately thought of my clients, three young men who each separately had told me earlier in the year that they were terrified of casually hooking up due to fears of false rape accusations and confusion regarding policies such as affirmative consent.

One alarming aspect in this article was the revelation that the media representatives weren’t interested in the direction of Laura’s response and wanted to pursue a different thread. The disregard for an opinion they asked for and the drive for a narrative they have clearly been directed to follow is horrifying.

If people are not being allowed to hear expanded ideas of the situation they’re in, the reaction will be to hunker down and withdraw from even thinking about venturing out into a mine-field. I mean, why would you?!?

In the current climate of political correctness, an honest conversation around sexual power is probably too unrealistic. But, it’s a necessary discussion. Is it any wonder that individuals who feel disempowered decide to tune out, rather than play on a rigged field?

This is not a route to a society which thrives, but to a factionalised society which will wither and be easy prey for fiercer cultures.




One thought on “I’d hate to be a young person these days

  1. Farmer Giles says:

    Indeed Percy. The heterosexual mating game is a minefield as it is. The constant threat of prosecution by the thought police and / or the actual police is going to make more and more young men simply want to ‘go their own way’.

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