Lily Allen again. Someone should take away her account

… but then again, it’s very entertaining. She set up a poll and as it didn’t go as planned, she ‘accidentally’ deleted the poll. This is from someone who has been using social media for years, frequently, everyday and she can’t remember how to work the wee buttons on her account?!? I’m sure Fisher-Price do a ‘safe’ device she would be ok using…

But fear not, the internet remembers! Everything.

Not quite the result she was hoping for – but she’s a true MSM stalwart and tried to prevent the message getting out.

Someone else was very upset with her attitude toward the elderly:

Lily, put down the device and move away! From the rest of the people. The adults.



2 thoughts on “Lily Allen again. Someone should take away her account

  1. Farmer Giles says:

    Taxi for Ms.Allen

  2. Julian Sandy says:

    Taxidermis for Ms. Allen.

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