New Website. Shades Of Opinion.

Still early days but looks very promising. Started up by Tim Montgomerie. Some good articles, inc by Lionel Shriver and Ruth Davidson.


This is in an email from the editor Tim Montgomerie. He appears to understand the huge disconnect between the general public and the mainstream media. Good luck to him.

“At the end of last year – a year I largely spent in America, covering that great country’s extraordinary election campaign for The Times of London – I knew I had to reset my career path. I resigned my position as a columnist without a concrete plan and, consequently, without any funding for my unknown future either.

I knew I had to do something different. The huge upsets of 2016 weren’t just signs of a broken politics and a broken economic model – although they most certainly were. They were signs of a broken media, too. Broadcasters and publications that were routinely so out of touch with large parts of the nations they covered that they didn’t even begin to understand why so many people had voted in the way they had. Newsrooms, rightly so careful to seek more gender and ethnic balance within their teams, had not noticed that ideologically, socially and in other vital ways, they had become monochrome. Despite the largely manufactured attention given to ‘fake news’ in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory, I’ve become convinced that the fundamental biases of the news industry add up to a much bigger problem than the often lo-truth output of the world-wild-web.”

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