It’s started: the left implodes from the pressure of competing interests

Yes, we’ve all been waiting for it and predicting it. This example is not the first but is a good, clear example of the challenges of being on the liberal front. I would have collapsed earlier, I must say, so you have to give them credit for holding on so long:

Exhibit #1:


Here we can see how one group’s priorities conflicts with another’s. Should they move Jo Cox’s date of death so as to allow those with strictures on their mode of interaction with the world in which they live attend. Should it be haram to die during Ramadan, to avoid such issues in the future – sorry – ‘going forward’.

Cultural religious issues aside, the point is there is no agreed ‘trumps’ standard around these two issues. This should have been sorted out last decade! Did they not see this coming? Really?

We will see more of this as the libtards split hairs to define the issue they are working on. If you have to take knives to hairs, your beliefs and values are in conflict with each other.

One thought on “It’s started: the left implodes from the pressure of competing interests

  1. Julian Sandy says:

    Intersectionalism is BS. The fact that it is increasingly unraveling is entirely inevitable. Inherent contradictions will bite you whether you acknowledge them or not.

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