Storm In A Teacup

Rachel Maddow drifts farther into conspiracy-theory territory.

“In case you haven’t heard of her, Rachel Maddow is the host of a US television news show, and a huge favourite of the American liberal-left. More than an hour before her show last night, Maddow hyped that she had a bombshell to announce. She tweeted: ‘BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously).’ Her excited followers sought to drum up more viewers, among them Michael Moore, who urgently tweeted: ‘Turn on Rachel @maddow!’ MSNBC broke with the norm and ran a countdown clock until the show started.

Donald Trump’s tax returns would be big news for many. From the election campaign to today, Trump’s opponents have called on him to make public his tax filings. Although there is no legal requirement for politicians to release tax returns, for decades it has been customary for presidential candidates to do so. Lots of speculation has swirled around Trump’s unwillingness to publish his tax affairs, with the implication being that this billionaire is hiding something unfavourable, if not crooked (he says he won’t release his returns because the tax authorities are auditing him).”


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