The main block to defeating radical Islamic terrorism

My colleagues & I here at The East Towers are livid. Fuming, and ready for mobilisation. Not, of course, to foment strife in the street. Bovine occupants of fields aren’t that inspired on the issue anyway, but are more interested in their own consumerism in relation to grass.

While most of the rest of society are vexed and hand-ringing – with a short break to hash tag something – there is another threat omnipresent in the ether. Not, as you might think, the terrorism, but threats of prosecution for ‘hate’ crimes. It is 1984 made real. Students in American have been enrolled in stasi-like monitoring of their fellow students for signs of micro-aggression or ‘hate’ – basically, not being in sync with the received wisdom about who or what may be criticised or even commented upon. You can appear as daft as a brush or a harlequin but THINK something not inline with the promulgated ideas and you’re in big trouble.

We have had another bout of emotional incontinence across the media outlets. All and sundry have a chance to show how touched they are and how much they wont give in to the pressure of terrorism. Stand together, is one chant. I’d recommend not to do that as the terrorists want to collect as many bodies as possible – like at a concert – so standing together is only going to make it simpler for the bombers.

While I have issues with the terrorists, the target for my ire is the liberal  elite – the one’s who are driving the bus as it hurtles toward dhimmitude by proxy. The Swedes have capitulated with public holidays being moved to accommodate ramadan. Fuck me.

As the leaders and media are not listening to the populous, the populous are going to act in a way to make sure their anger is heard. This is starting as a groundswell of anger and fury. Where this will be directed and to whom is not clear yet – but you can be sure it will be more towards those who are supposed to protect us. Once there is real action to make terrorists lives hell, and conversations can be had clearly and without left-driven marxism then there may be some real changes.

There will be strife of incredible violence and loss of life in the near future, but I for one think is should happen sooner rather than later. Later may be too late for our children.



One thought on “The main block to defeating radical Islamic terrorism

  1. Julian Sandy says:

    Indeed, Percy. Bring it all to a head. We have had enough. The entire establishment needs to be put on notice. Get real, get tough, or get the fuck out.

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