They Reap What They Sow.

Small consolation perhaps, but the sight of the cultural Marxists being eaten by their offspring is amusing. A Year Zero mob of culture studies morons hold their university hostage and accuse a “deeply progressive” non-Hillary voting professor of being a racist.

It really has reached ‘Pythonesque’ dimensions. Watch and wonder.


A biology professor at the center of a recent protest about alleged racism at The Evergreen State College appeared on Fox News to explain the controversy.

Appearing on a show hosted by Tucker Carlson — in a segment called “campus craziness” — Bret Weinstein talked about last week’s protest, including how students blocked campus security, and later gathered in the school’s library building for a meeting “far crazier than the video you just showed.”

The video showed about 50 students confronting Weinstein and demanding that he resign.

Weinstein said he did not call campus police after he was confronted, but someone did out of concern for his safety.

“They imagine that I am a racist and that I am teaching racism in the classroom,” said Weintein about the Evergreen student protesters. “And that has caused them to imagine that I have no right to speak, and that I am harming students by the very act of teaching them.”

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